Benefit of Organic Citrus Essential Oil in Graceful haircolor.

Some folks may think that they do not have to put any type of oil on their hair and scalp at all due to the fact that the scalp is responsible for making its own supply of oil that is called sebum, which hydrates the scalp and creates a layer of protection for each strand of hair.

  • But the truth of the matter is that because we frequently wash our hair and because of wind and dust stripping natural oil from the scalp and the strands of hair, hair becomes frizzy and people also can suffer from a dry, flaky and itchy scalp as a result.
  • Citrus essential oil in Graceful hair colors does have many health benefits for your hair and scalp.
  • This wonderful citrus oil is made from the oil glands of lemon rind. There are indeed many lemon citrus oil hair benefits. For instance, lemon citrus oil can treat dandruff, premature graying and can even help somewhat with hair loss prevention.
  • The great news is that lemon citrus oil is known to also help with the improvement of your blood circulation of your scalp. Additionally, another desired benefit is that hair growth is promoted because of the oil stimulating the hair follicles.
  • Due to the fact that lemon citrus oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it is able to help clear up infections that can result from dandruff and acne.

With Organic Vegetable Oils
Argan Oil and Linseed Oil.

Enriched with essential oils
Organic Lemon and Orange

It also contains Keratin
to nourish the hair.

Ammonia and Paraben Free,
it reduces the risk of allergies.